The data ecosystem: fine-tuning surgical performance

A data-lead at Proximie discusses the power of the platform’s software-first approach and the company’s ambitions to “establish a global ecosystem that is compliant and able to collect data from a wide variety of sources, from many different regions, patient types and surgeon backgrounds.”

“Proximie delivers equal access across the board to that same quality of care, whether you’re in middle America or North Africa; the way we’re doing that is through video, and video is a very rich data set.”

“Right now, in the analogue environment of the operating room, it’s very difficult to say exactly what happened in terms of surgical technique.”

“Once you are measuring the data around these procedures down to the millisecond, that’s what gives you the ability to improve efficiency and overall quality of care even further — and that provides a competitive advantage.”

“Identifying which areas of the operating theatre are performing less efficiently is integral to that, but there’s currently no way to extract the necessary data.”



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