Telemedicine: connecting Kenyan healthcare to a global network

Liza Kimbo is Director of the South Lake Medical Centre in Kenya, having had a decades-long career as a healthcare services leader and entrepreneur with an interest in improving access to quality healthcare for low-income groups. Liza has started three social healthcare enterprises in Kenya using both for-profit and non-profit models; one of these is CFWshops, a network of medical clinics and micro-pharmacies providing access to essential healthcare across Kenya. Now, South Lake Medical Centre is seeking to provide increased access to medical expertise by using Proximie.

“At SLMC, we have been exploring technology and its capacity to bring healthcare professionals closer to patients, and — better yet — to access specialist expertise which would have previously been out of reach.”

“Telemedicine could be transformational for Africa, because technologies like Proximie enable us to leapfrog a number of challenges in our healthcare systems.”



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