Remote telementoring: a gateway to global expertise

Mr Graham Watson has been a consultant urological surgeon for 32 years, and developed the first laser to fragment renal stones in 1984. He has been a consultant urologist at Eastbourne General Hospital since 1994, and in 2002 set up Medi Tech Trust — a charity to raise money for equipment in hospitals in the South of England. Over time, Medi Tech Trust expanded and has been providing equipment and training in Sri Lanka and Africa for the last 8 years. Last year, Mr Watson used Proximie for the first time to ‘virtually scrub in’ and guide a surgeon performing a kidney stone operation in Benin, West Africa.

“And the experience was such a positive one, because it’s so rewarding to have a good student and to see them benefit from your training — it’s a real buzz.”

“Given that I’m now in my seventies and learning to use this telementoring technology for the first time, I found Proximie remarkably easy and intuitive to control. The operation lasted five hours and was a success, with the patient now recovering well.”

“Essentially, Proximie serves as a gateway to an entire planet of surgical expertise, enabling you to link up with any team, anywhere in the world.”

Empowering the next generation of surgeons: Graham teaching his grandchildren about surgery, using the Proximie platform



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