Remote Surgical Assistance: Enhancing Rep Support for the Ultimate Client Service

Bryn Davies is Global Marketing Officer at Proximie. He started his career in the medical device industry as a sales rep specialising in orthopedic trauma products at Stryker, before settling at Smith & Nephew for 12 years, ultimately taking on managerial roles with a broad view of the entire commercial operation. His MBA focused on business model innovation with digital health technologies which led to a corporate entrepreneurial role deploying new digital technologies across the value chain of surgery. His wide-ranging experience has been important in ensuring Proximie’s platform is as valuable a tool for reps as it is for surgeons.

“Proximie was helping support reps to maintain their relationships with the surgical teams before the pandemic. Now it has become integral to the new way of working.”

“What Proximie makes possible is maintaining a greater number of customer relationships, more closely and more frequently than ever before — by enabling reps to utilise the time that until now has been spent waiting and travelling.”



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