Proximie’s ‘software first’ approach: why it matters

Andreas Christodoulou has been an account manager at Proximie for three years, following the completion of his MA in Project Management at Northumbria University. He travels extensively to integrate Proximie’s software platform into operating rooms across the world.

“Our software strategy was all about access and accessibility, which means I could be integrating Proximie into really high-end clinical settings or very basic ones, but the user experience is the same.”

“I kind of see Proximie as the Microsoft or Apple of healthcare, because you can install it on any kind of laptop and you’re ready to go.”

“What that means, in practical terms, is that Proximie is really moving towards becoming the central cog in any operating room.”

“Our ‘software first’ approach means anyone can deploy Proximie in any setting and easily adapt it to their needs. It’s simply a case of identifying the necessary hardware, installing it and then everything feeds seamlessly into Proximie.”



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