Proximie Partners with Jhpiego and Ariadne Labs in new initiative to improve Obstetric Surgical Care

The Obstetric Safe Surgery (OSS) Project in Kenya is funded by Johnson & Johnson and to date has been implemented by Jhpiego as the lead organization, in collaboration with County and National Ministries of Health and professional associations. To support implementation moving forward, Proximie and Ariadne Labs have formed a unique partnership with Jhpiego to integrate Jhpiego’s best practices in safe obstetric surgery with Proximie’s state of the art technology platform to leverage multi-sensory augmented reality tools.

Physicians and nurses in the Jhpiego-led Obstetric Safe Surgery (OSS) Project in Kenya prepare for a C-section at Makueni County Referral Hospital, one of five hospitals participating in the skills-strengthening and mentorship program aimed at reducing maternal and newborn deaths.

“By offering real-time, remote surgical consultation, this project has the true potential of being a game-changer in improving the safety and quality of surgical care in Kenya, and in other countries where Jhpiego works.”

“…the Obstetric Safe Surgery project will not just help to reduce maternal and neonatal mortality, but hopefully provide a blueprint for others to follow.”

Mentorship is a key aspect of the Jhpiego-led Obstetric Safe Surgery (OSS) Project in Kenya. Sultan-Hamud Hospital is among the five health facilities participating in the project, that provides skills strengthening and sessions with expert mentors in an effort to reduce maternal and newborn deaths.

What Proximie’s Global Health Steering Committee are saying about this new initiative?



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