On a mission: building capacity for surgical education with Proximie

Dr. Alaa Ahmad is a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon based in Palestine and the US, with a focus on paediatric spine surgery, and a special interest in disseminating knowledge about the management of spine surgery deformities among doctors in the global South. In February of this year, he flew to Nicaragua for the third time to carry out a week of paediatric scoliosis case ‘missions’ at Fernando Velez Paiz Hospital in Managua, and invited doctors from around the world to view the procedures via Proximie. One of these was Dr. Francois Waterkeyn — a neurosurgeon based in Tanzania.

“Their feedback was extremely positive, so I think it would be a good next step to implement Proximie in Tanzania as well.”

“Proximie’s ability to relay remote surgical assistance and augmented simulation is a powerful tool in this process, facilitating continuous training and remote guidance in a way that builds surgeons’ confidence and allows expertise to be shared directly from the operating room.”



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