Democratising healthcare in Kenya — and the first live birth on Proximie

Eddy Haddad is Proximie’s Sales and Support Engineer based in Lebanon, from where he works closely with Proximie’s sales team to understand customer requirements and create solutions, enabling surgeons to make optimal use of the Proximie platform whatever their requirements. He is also key to implementing the Obstetric Safe Surgery Programme in Kenya; installing Proximie in a number of Kenyan hospitals to better facilitate optimal outcomes in childbirth.

“Any training I do is then tailored to the specific surgeon or doctor I’m training, based on which features are most important to them and how they’re aiming to use the Proximie platform.”

“…what’s truly amazing is how the surgeons and nurses on the ground take this technology and their training and they run with it, because the platform is so incredibly intuitive, and they have such an urgent need for this technology.”

“I entered the session where there was a live surgery taking place, and I can see all the feeds, and just after joining the session I see a baby being born — not just the first baby born live on Proximie in Kenya, but in the world!”

“Every day I can see Proximie’s vision being realised; surgeons and nurses training themselves, sharing their knowledge, and guiding each other using Proxime — and I can also see the number of people using Proximie in Kenya is increasing all the time. I can see that we’re making a difference.”



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